Our Story

In 2016, Kevin Craik moved with his family to Everett to begin planting a new Anglican church. Soon a small team began meeting in his home to worship together and to pray for God's blessing as they began a new congregation.

All Saints Church hosted its first public service on Ash Wednesday, 2017 and began weekly Saturday night worship services on Easter.

We look forward to seeing all that God has in store as we follow Jesus and serve our community together.


Our Values


Our Beliefs

We wholeheartedly embrace the historic Christian faith summarized in the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds. We acknowledge the Bible as God’s inspired word and submit to it as our final authority. We believe that the Holy Spirit has been present in the church, guarding and guiding it through the centuries, so we strive to emphasize those things that have been believed in common by all Christians from the beginning.


What our Services are Like

Our worship services include a thoughtful blend of contemporary and traditional music, a Bible-based sermon, and the celebration of Holy Communion. Our pre-written form of worship (which we call liturgy) gives us rich words to shape our prayers, and provides space for our own prayers as well. A printed program is provided at the beginning of each service, so everyone can easily participate. While we take the things of God seriously, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, so we strive to worship in a way that is meaningful and reverent, but never stuffy. 


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What is Anglicanism?

Our tradition is called "Anglican," a word that means "of England." From the earliest centuries of the church, Christians in the British Isles  developed unique and beautiful patterns of community prayer centered in the Bible and Holy Communion. These forms of worship were eventually collected in the Book of Common Prayer, the standard which continues to guide our worship today. This faith tradition has grown into a worldwide fellowship called The Anglican Communion--the third largest expression of Christianity. Our particular denomination is called the Anglican Church in North America.